Welcome to the Public Interface of Waqf Management System of India (WAMSI), where you can search the Waqf Properties in your Area and their Status as entered by the respective State/UT Waqf Boards.

Click Search Waqf Properties - Location Wise to search the Waqf Properties in your desired location with different combinations of search criteria within a chosen State/UT. You can also select multiple criteria at a time (set as default) instead of one in each criteria at a time.

Click WAMSI Data Entry Progress to know the Progress of Data Entry in WAMSI On-line System by the respective Waqf Boards within the chosen State/UT as of now. Here also, you can go deep inside each count by clicking on it.

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Please help us in building a correct inventory of Waqf Properties by sending the Data Verify Form.Kindly mention WaqfID/PropID and also include Report Card of each such Waqf Property verified by you or supplying its missing Information/ Photos/ Documents.

In case of new Waqf Properties, which are not listed in the WAMSI database, you can also use the same Data Verify Form for each such Waqf Property by tick-mark as NEW in the Data Verify Form.

Addresses of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) pertaining to the Waqf Property Locations (i.e., State/UT where the Waqf Property falls), are available here (click the hyperlink) for sending the Data Verify Forms at the right places for new entries & corrections.

Your cooperation will help the State/UT Waqf Boards to manage Waqf Properties in a more professional way and earn more revenue for efficient running of welfare schemes for the community in particular and for common man in general.Thanks for your help & support for a noble cause. May ALLAH bless you. Ameen!